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"The References" Siranush Aghajanyan

   "Collage is part of a perpetual voyage of self-discovery and refinement – an intellectual grand tour through philosophies and civilizations...distilled in the “tearingness” of original edges.”
   Robert Motherwell


   The technique of collage - glueing objects and their parts to a piece of paper - remains popular through many years due to its immediacy and inherent nature to reinvent the familiar into something new. It is one of the favourite artistic practices that is often used to design new patterns by ‘recycling’ consumed or completely destroyed elements, scraps of paper cutouts, ribbons, even portions of other old or damaged artworks. Apart from the creation of aesthetic ‘beauty’ artists apply to collage technique to track in a sketchy and expressive way the permanent changes of values and priorities that society accepts or rejects.
   This validating style and refactoring of the past are specific to the works of Siranush Aghajanyan.
Parts of objects that Siranush uses in her art keep their original shapes and bits of ‘identity’. This not only makes them instantly recognizable but even suggests the possibility of recovery. However, this is an everlasting dream and the only meaning of these elements integrated into a collage is the reference to the lost.
   Siranush’s collages are visual universes where pieces separated from different worlds join together to manifest the new real. These pieces are not independent elements - these are the captions of her emotional journey through the process of personal change and artistic development.
   These are THE REFERENCES to the artist’s past.



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