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“Abovyan 12” is a nice and hospitable open air cafe in the center of the city

This is a perfect place to have a good time with family and friends.Here you can taste the best Armenian dishes in Armenian atmosphere

Bar de l'Amour Fou


We offer you the best Armenian wine and brandy

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Pastrami Deli Classic de l'Amour Fou

Main dishes

Open Air cafe "Abovyan 12" offers traditional Armenian cuisine with a variety of dishes prepared in place by a professional chief

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  • Festivities

    We organize various celebrations such as birthdays, family celebrations, weddings,etc.

  • Events

    We organize evenings with live music, with participation of talented and well-known artists.

L'Amour Fou - Panorama
  • Breakfast

    You can have breakfast in our place since 09.00 am. Here everything is made from fresh and local ingredients.

  • Waiting for a free table

    While waiting for free table you can go upstairs to the ‘’Dalan Art Gallery’’, where is exhibited the works of contemporary Armenian artists.
Brunch de l'Amour Fou

special offer

You can ask about the special offer of the day from waiter

Brunch Illustration - L'Amour Fou